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Kenda Token: Empowering the Future of Digital Messaging Hop on board and join the ride!

Image Messaging Kenda Token (ERC20)


KENDA Token follows a unique tokenomics model to ensure a fair and successful distribution

  • No taxes
  • Buy & Sell on Unisawp
  • Founders Tokens Locked
  • Contract renounced

View our WhitePaper for a more detailed breakdown of our tokenomics.

How To Buy ?
To buy Kenda Token, follow these simple steps
  • Step 1 Download and set up a compatible wallet, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • Step 2 Purchase Ethereum (ETH) on a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your wallet.
  • Step 3 Visit a decentralized exchange like Uniswap and connect your wallet.
  • Step 4 Select Kenda Token (KENDA) as the desired token and enter the amount you'd like to buy. The official token address to import is


  • Step 5 Review the transaction details, confirm the swap, and enjoy your Kenda Token!